Evermore by Alyson Noel

January 10, 2011
By irmaf BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
irmaf BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
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Sixteen-year old, tall, blond, and pretty, Ever Bloom can hear people’s thoughts and see their aura’s. She wasn’t always like this, but her normal life suddenly changed after a horrible car accident took the lives of her family. Ever was sent to live with her aunt, Sabine, and was relocated to Laguna Beach, California. This beautiful place is where she met a strange, gorgeous and tall, Damen Auguste, who seems very familiar.

Her whole life turns upside down when Drina turns up suddenly and Damen seems to know her a lot more than ever thinks. People start to die and Ever’s friend gets a horrible infection in her wrist by a tattoo that her new friend, Drina, gave her. What’s Drina and Damen’s relationship and what does Drina want with Ever? Nothing will ever be the same after she finds out the real truth about Drina and her…..

Alyson Noel questions the meaning of true love through the whole book and characters. For example, Ever sees her boyfriend, Damen, with her best friend, Haven’s blood all over the floor and his shirt with Haven groaning and lying half dead on the floor next to him. She suddenly gets a clue of what Damen could really be. She doesn’t know how much she’s missing, and has yet so much to find out…..Later on, Ever was at school and she started thinking about what Damen could be and what she saw last night with Haven and all the blood. Damen tried to explain, but ever wouldn’t listen so he put the whole school to sleep and said, “I’m not a vampire Ever, I’m an immortal,” (page 204). Through the book, Alyson Noel gives our protagonist, Ever, a mysterious side, but she’s still a great character, as so is Damen.

This book is a great romantic fantasy and is recommended for readers who like to read and love romantics. Evermore has a point of view similar to Catalyst by Laurie Halls Anderson, which is another great read. Evermore is a suspense filled chiller that is also similar to Evermore’s sequel, Blue Moon. Evermore was a great romantic with so many tragic events, like when Damen left after Ever found out the truth and told him to leave her alone, but she jus hit rock bottom. The audience gave Evermore a two BIG THUMBS UP!! ??

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