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Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

January 10, 2011
By Katelyn Christoferson BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
Katelyn Christoferson BRONZE, Prosser, Washington
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Halley is a junior in High School, living in a small town near Lakeview. Someone Like You is based in a tiny neighborhood. Halley and Scarlett living 18 steps away from each other for most of their lives, turns them into the best of friends that go through an unusual up an down rollercoaster of life, they cant get off. In the fight through death, love, truth, and forgiveness, they find that in the end life really isn’t all about “Macon Faulkner” or getting good grades; all they needed was each other.

From lying to parents, sneaking out at night, even reading the book “So You’re Pregnant… Now What?”. Someone Like You puts both Halley and Scarlett in a place ware they are forced to choose. Scarlett is faced with a choice that will change her life forever. Sarah Dessen uses the theme of choice throughout more events in the book. As Halley picks up the phone surprised to hear Scarlett on the other end, Scarlett shocks Halley as she says, “I changed my mind I’m keeping the baby” (107), she interrupts as she thinks about how unusual her life already is what difference would a baby make. The author chooses to add a tragic event that follows with a heartbreak that will never be healed; Dessen continues to give an excellent outline of the story, as the book gets deeper and deeper into the ending.

Someone Like You is filled with love, tragedy, and teenage girls who deal with the ups and downs Halley and Scarlett deal with Someone Like You has the same idea of writing as A Thousand Tomorrows. Both books have very good emotions and detail that happen throughout the story. They both have romance as their main genre as well. The authors make sure to involve as much details possible. This Book is always having new exciting events that make the audience agree or disagree with the character, that makes the reader feel as if the book was real life.

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