Shooter by Walter Dean Myers

January 10, 2011
By , Prosser, WA
Fifteen-year old best friends how did a lot to gather as good friends. But Len has a temper issue and goes off to shoot a teacher. And now Cameron Potter is being interview to see if he was part of the shooting.

Shooter uses the theme of forgiveness to let the reader. Know that they should always give there friends a second chance. How the author rote this novel it starts out really slow and the reader dose not know very much about the book but as the reader goes through the book. The reader finds out how was the Shooter and how was the person that got shot. And through out this novel Len starts to lose some of his friends like Carla. Because he is loosing there forgiveness as one of the people that did like him now hates him because “Carla said I will never forgive you for having us shoot and kill those baby turtles (42) ”. As the reader goes through the book the author keeps you guessing on what is going to happen to Cameron Potter if he keeps hanging out with Len. And if Cameron Potter was really part of the shooting. And then the reader finds out about the other characters personality.

Shooter takes a lot of patience and it takes some concentration in learning about each character. That is the type of people that would be recommended to this book. Because if the reader can’t stick with slow books. Then the Shooter would not be a good book for some one how like fast pace books or novels with a lot of action. But through out the book it becomes more interesting and it gets in to more detailed parts and it gets to become a more fast pace type of a book.

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