monster by walter dean myers

January 10, 2011
Set in Harlem, New York Monster takes the reader to an outrageous story of how a sixteen year old, named Steve Harmon goes to prison, and how he struggles his way out with the help of Kathy O’ Brien his defender. Steve Harmon thought it would come easy to help some bad guys rob a drugstore but little did he know that what he did would bring him lots of consequences. He is in jail maybe even for life, but its all up to the judge now, if he is guilty or innocent.
Monster’s theme, choices, is shown through Steve. If Steve wouldn’t have helped those criminals rob the drugstore he wouldn’t have ended up in jail. At the end of the book Steve remembers the decisions he had made. “To walk down the street? To get up in the morning? To talk to king?” (270). Monster is very well written book, it is written as if it were a movie. The author Walter dean Myers gives really good detail of what is really happening in the book, it makes the reader feel as if he was part of the story, like if he was there to see it happen.
The book Monster has similar writing to the book first part last because they both take place in the present and they go back to the past, it helps the reader understand more the book. Monster sometimes might get confusing but later on in the book they will reveal the truth that’s also why it makes it a good book. Monster can be suggested to people who like books with a little bit of mystery, conflicts, problems and solutions, or to people who just enjoy spending most of there time reading.

Walter Dean Myers

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