the choice by nicholas sparks

January 9, 2011
By Anonymous

The Choice

The Choice, a novel written by one of the #1 New York Times bestselling author Nicholas Sparks, the same author who wrote The Notebook, has enraptured me with this heartrending story. Of course one more time he turned his amazing talents into a romance story with friendship, love and the decisions we hope to never face. Like most of his stories this is a tragedy love story and by the 4th chapter this book was already part of my outfit.

The book takes place in the only state Sparks’ novels take place, North Carolina. The book starts in 1996 with a young man and woman who live next door to each other; Travis and Gabby are the main characters. Travis Parker is just what the doctor order for a single woman. He is appealing, good with kids, likes sports like most guys has a dog and is wealthy enough to have traveled the world at the age of thirty-two. He has dated many women but now he wants what his friends have, a wife. Gabby on the other hand is quiet is very shy and always wants to do the right thing to make everybody happy. Likes long-relationships and can be very confident.

One night Gabby Holland happens to go to his house ranting about her dog getting pregnant and from that moment Travis’ sights were set. Somehow Travis and Gabby spend a weekend together. Gabby being in a 4-year relationship that is about to turn into an engagement felt something with Travis she had never felt before with her boyfriend before. True to Sparks’ form they fell in love within 72 hours. She was very happy with her boyfriends before Travis appeared. But she just felt right being with Travis. So what will her choice be?

Eleven years later Gabby’s choice to stay with Travis and get married was the right choice, but after one night everything changed. This is where the title fits just perfectly. Gabby and Travis had a accident after that Gabby was in a coma for long time. until Travis had made a choice of letting her go or wait a week, a month , a year, or his whole life until she wakes up. Now you have to read it to see what is going to be his choice and to know “how far should you go in the name of love”

This book almost made me cry. Nicholas Sparks can really made characters come alive. He had some quotes that you could immediately picture. What really attached me to this book was the way they meet and how everything happened. This is the 2nd book of Nicholas Sparks that I have read and I personally think that he is a very good author.

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