incantation by Alice Hoffman

January 4, 2011
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This book is called incantation by Alice Hoffman. It's about a 16-year-old girl named Estrella DeMadrigal. She has a friend named Catalina. They've been best friends since they were little. Catalina's cousin Andres was promised to her ever since his parents died. But there is only 1 problem about that; Estrella is inlove with Andres and Catalina doesn't know.
One day Andres was walking Estrella home, then it happened. They kissed.After, they started to hang out everyday and Catalina got jealous and warned them to stay away from each other, but Andres refused and said that he wanted to be with with Estrella forever.
Just then, Estrella's good neighbors got arrested for being a Jew. Catalina and her mother then went into the abandoned house and stole the neighbors things.
When Estrella found out that she was a Jew, she told no one but Andres. He did nothing but accept the fact that she was a Jew and then they promissed themselves to each other.
Then one horrible day, Catalina went to the officials and lied, saying that Estrella's grandfather and mother did witchcraft and killed little kids; they were arrested. They broke every bone in the grandfather's body and he died.
Andres, Estrella, and her grandmother ran away. They got some money(gold ring)and waited for Andres to return with a donkey.

4 days passed and Andres still hadn't come back, so the grandmother thought he betrayed them and took the money and left.
They went into town and saw the mother and brother being burned alive at the steak.
When they went back to the hills, Andres was there waiting for them with 2 donkeys ready to go to Hispaniola. Andres did love her he loved her alot.

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