Freak The Mighty by Rodman Philbrick

December 21, 2010
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Freak the Mighty Review

Author of book: Rodman Philbrick

3 stars

In this story, the author didn’t give the theme away right out of the gate. It just basically went into an immediate story about these two kids who struggle with different sicknesses and also struggle with bullies in their school. Maxwell doesn’t do well in school because he has a disease called Dyslexia. Then, there is his friend, Kevin, who is very smart. He also struggles with Morquio.
These two kids named Kevin and Maxwell get bullied a lot and become friends by actually getting chased by a bully named Blade, also known as Tony D. Kevin, who is very short and has Morquio, but is really smart. Then, there is Maxwell, he has many nicknames but his main one is The Kicker, he is very tall but he has a disease called Dyslexia. Kevin lives with his mother, named the Fair Gwen. Maxwell lives with his grandparents because his father, Killer Kane, is in jail for killing his mother.
My overall review of this book is that it is a good book. It is easy to point out that there were errors, but I think that it was meant to be for lower grades instead of junior-high level of school.
Again, Maxwell has Dyslexia and is very tall, and Kevin has Morquio and is very short. They become friends because they were both bullied in their school.
It was very interesting and had a lot of suspense. There were times in the story that I wanted to figure out what would happen before it happened. The only issue I have with the book is that it doesn’t suit the junior-high level because I recognized errors in the story that I think actually was apart of Maxwell’s journal.

Also I feel as that I anyone writes a journal, They don’t care if they spell something wrong or anything like that. I may be wrong in this situation, but I feel as that this story would be similar to Maxwell’s journal.

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