Tell No One

January 2, 2011
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Harlan Coben lives in New Jersey with his wife and four children. Coben has won many awards like, Shamus, Anthony, and, the Edgar award. Coben started out writing about sports but decided to change and put a twist on his novels and people loved it and he started writing with suspense and put those exciting new things in his novels.

Tell No One is a fiction, mystery novel. This is a book for all people of all ages. I recommend it to people who like mysteries. This novel has suspense, twists, excitement, and romance.

The title of the book Tell No One came from an actual part from the book which was very important and it was used through out the novel. The text Tell No One was definitely interesting because it was a big clue for the story, which made it very unique for it to be the title.

This story is taken place in New Jersey, present day. The place is real and it set like today.

The main character in Tell No One is Dr. David Beck. David is just a regular family doctor.

Dr. David beck has known Elizabeth since the first grade and has always had a crush on her. Everyone had always believed that they just had a little crush and would grow out of it, but they didn’t and got married. David had always been crazy about Elizabeth. He swore he would never lose her and they would always be together happily, until the nigh of their honeymoon. Elizabeth screamed ,David got hit and fell in the lake. David wakes up eight years later wondering if she is still alive. One day Beck finds an email that looks to be from Elizabeth, it was unknown but only they knew the kissing time place it had to be from her, it was signed Tell No One. Beck talks to many people and finds little information along the way and the police just want to forget about the case, but beck never gives up, he believes his wife is a live. People end up chasing beck and wanting to kill him. Beck has to hide but at the same time find Elizabeth. Beck finds something, he knows if Elizabeth is alive or not and is on a journey, but has lots of obstacles along the way. David struggles , fights, runs, kills, and hides to find Elizabeth.

The author has little clues and unique quotes through out the book that you don’t realize that they are in there until you have read the whole book. Coben does a great job of making you feeling the mood and makes you feel you are running in the characters shoes and gets your heart racing.

Coben includes personal things in his book that you might not recognize until you read some about the him, like the story takes place in New Jersey and that is where Coben lives in real life.

This story really made me think about people who have missing family members or people they know and care about very much. You watch the new and you always see someone went missing and you just brush right by it, but David is missing his wife and it makes you think how sad it would be if this happened for you and how terrible it is. Maybe we can do something for these people in real life. I like how he made real life incidents that happen almost everyday into a story that millions read. I love the thrill and excitement and fast paced reading of this novel.

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