Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M Draper

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Book Review:
Tears of a tiger Have you ever drank and drive? Well you shouldn’t it’s a bad decision. In this book review I will tell you a story about what happened to a group of boys on the basketball team that had drank and drive.
Tears of a Tiger is a non-fiction book. It has a lot of slang and dialogue but is still a really good book. In Tears of a Tiger you’ll go through the life of a group of best friends that are on the basketball team, and what they will go through together as a team.

It had all started when the boys basketball team went out and bought a pack of beer with a five dollar bill and gotten drunk, and had made the wrong decision even though one of them didn’t drink. They had some that did, which led them to a car crash. What affected the most from the car crash was Robbie’s death. Robbie was the captain of the basketball team, and there best player in the game.

After this incident happened everything was kind of different. They didn’t hang out as much together often. They were all depressed, but especially Andy because he accused himself that he killed Robbie and it was his fault that Robbie had died, and kept on putting the guilt on himself. Even when it came to the final basketball game, they didn’t feel the same without Robbie, but knew they had to win the game for him especially Andy, and that if they did it, it would make Robbie happy. That same day during the basketball game Andy had seen Robbie’s parents at the very top of the bleaches, where they always came to watch Robbie and the rest play. Andy thought it was thoughtful that his parents still came to support the team and cheer them on even though they had lost Robbie. But you could tell they were a little down.

If I had to rate this book I would rate it a ten out of a ten. I would rate it a ten because I really like this book, it’s really detailed, interesting, and it makes you as a reader want to keep reading and reading tell the end. I think this book is a fun book to read it spreads out all the really interesting information throughout the whole story, and not in one spot like at the end.

I would recommend this book to teens. I would recommend this to teens because it’s a story more that teens would enjoy. But it has a lot of slang and dialogue. I wouldn’t recommend to younger kids because all the slang and they might not know what it’s really stands for or maybe even the adults.

This book was written by Sharon M Draper. I think she wrote this book to teach others not to drink and drive, and that when you do something that you’re not supposed to do like that, consequences happen.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece is I really enjoyed this book, and i wanted others to read this book.

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