Gracelin O’Malley by Anne Moore

November 16, 2010
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Gracelin O’Malley-written by Anne Moore, is a heart wrenching tale about a girl who goes through so much, but still has the strength to move forward. Set in the troubling period of the Irish Potato Famine, Grace must do the unthinkable to save her family. At the age of 14 grace marries an English landlord, Squire Donnelly. when the famine devastates the land she opens her heart and home, welcoming her countrymen into her new life. She then takes the biggest risk of all by harboring Irish rebels, who are fighting for freedom. Including her crippled brother Sean O’Malley and her true love Morgan McDonagh. After Squire Donnelly is murdered graces goes home with her only daughter, Marry Kate, but after killing a tax collector she must flee to America “Tir-Na-Nog, The land of the young.”

I loved this book, the story line was a true chick novel. I cried, in total, three times.

Its a true love story of pain and compassion. When one girl could live through such horrors and still hold her hopes and dreams in her heart. Grace’s teachings of bravery and kindness will forever be a part of you after reading this breath taking book.

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