Whirlwind by David Klass

November 16, 2010
Guess Who’s Back?

Jack Danielson, the “beacon of hope” from the future, is back again in Whirlwind. It is the second book in the Caretaker Trilogy written by David Klass, and it will have you hooked just like the first book, Firestorm. Jack takes you to the wonderful depths of the ocean in Firestorm, and now he will take you to the heart of the amazon in Whirlwind. If you want an action packed, mind twisting adventure, Whirlwind is the book for you.

After Jack was instantly taken away from his normal high school life to full fill his destiny to save the oceans in Firestorm, he thought the battle was over. He thought he could go back and live a normal life. In, Whirlwind, Jack starts off by going back to his hometown to see his high school love, P.J. He soon finds out she was kidnapped by the Dark Army, and it was his fault. Then the adventure starts again. The Dark Army is still out to get him, and he has a new destiny to fill: Save the Amazon Rain Forest. And it turns out P.J. is there being held captive by the leader of the Dark Army. Who is attempting to destroy the entire rain forest.

This sequel is definitely worth reading. It continues Jack’s adventure with great enthusiasm as well as entertainment. It has readers constantly wanting more. You won’t ever want the book to be over. And once its all done, David Klass will take you on Jack’s final journey in Timelock. If you haven't read the first book of this series, there is no need to worry, Whirlwind will give you every detail you need in order to enjoy it. Whatever your age or gender, you will love this book.

In conclusion, go to your local library or bookstore and get this book! You will not regret it. After the very first page, David Klass will have you hooked into Jack’s astonishing life. Then you will understand there is so much hype about Whirlwind.

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