Leviathan Breakdown

November 16, 2010
Leviathan is a book about over coming odds and fighting for family and friends. Through all of the main characters triumph the message of hope and love is clear to the very end. It is a truly fantastic book with many twists and unbelievable turns.

Aaron Corbett has come a long way for just finding out he was a Nephilim-a child of an angel and a mortal woman-to being a brave warrior. He might be afraid of his own power but when his friend Camael or Gabriel-his Labrador Retriever-are in trouble he is there with his sword of fire blazing. After his dog is bitten by an orisha Aaron flies into a fury. He is bound and determined to save his best friend. Aaron is strong on the inside but can not seem to show it on the outside.

Camael, a fallen angel, knows that Aaron is strong, but he also knows that inside Aaron is a complete puzzle. Aaron witnesses his family brutally murder at the hands of the Powers, a group of renegade angels, and is bound to have vengeance.
The novel is graphic, artistic, and phenomenal at delivering important points in the story. I really enjoyed reading it because it may be extraordinary but it is also relate-able. Aaron’s story of odds is jaw-dropping and guaranteed to have the reader on the edge of their seats throughout the book. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a good mysterious and strange, yet eventful book. To me, this book gets a ten out of ten for plot and delivery and everything else.

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