Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

November 4, 2010
There's only one word to describe how this book made me feel: shocked. I didn't expect this book to be like this at all. First off, I didn't like the way Sarah organized the book by putting it into sections for Cass, Rodgerson, and then Caitlin. I think she should of just kept it as one and maybe broken it into different parts. Next were the reviews... People were saying how great this book was and how it was probably Sarah's best one yet. The only other book I've read by Sarah before this one was 'This Lullaby' and I, basically, devoured it. Just a word of advice to some people out there: Don't go with what other people, or me, are saying about this book. If you liked it and think it's amazing, then don't let anyone change your opinion because that's exactly why I'm writing this. Last, I'm not going to give up on Sarah Dessen because she is one of my new favorite authors and I do look forward to reading more of her books in the future. Just kidding, this is the last thing, I did like ONE part of the book...and that was the ending because it was just a happy ending and I do believe in happy endings and fairtytales (:

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