Hush* by Jacqueline woodson

October 27, 2010
Can you live up a life in the hidden darknesss and never tell know one who you really are because if you do you mite get murdered?....

Well in the novel HUSH there is a girl named TOSWIAH that had the perfect life. her father was a op and she was very happy in her home town. Until her father had to testify because his two friends which was cops as well had killed a black boy for now reason and that had got him worried because he was black and his family as well and they had killed they little black boy for no reason. So after her father had testified she had to move change her name and for get all about her old life and tell no one of what happend.

I recommend this book because this book is very intresting . Tjis book has so much drama that if could leave me saying "WOW! that is crazy !". it could leave you saying the same thing

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