Stand Tall

October 11, 2010
By E.Petersen BRONZE, Earlham, Iowa
E.Petersen BRONZE, Earlham, Iowa
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A ten year old boy, named Tree, is six foot three-and-a-half inches tall. The book "Stand Tall" by Joan Bauer, explains how Tree feels when people tease him about his height. Its not only other students at his school, but also at home he doesn't seem to fit in well.
Tree is on the basketball team at school. However, he is not very good at it, which is why he doesn't fit in at home. Tree has two older brothers, both good at sports. Their dad also loves sports, therefore he spends more time with Tree's brothers rather than with him.
Tree's parents just got divorced, which is making it even harder for Tree at home. He's not really sure what to even call home now that he goes back and forth between Mom's and Dad's.
To make Tree's life even more stressful, his grandpa just got back from serving in Vietnam where he got shot in the leg. tree has to help out a lot with his grandpa, since he can't get around easily by himself.
This book, "Stand Tall," is an uplifting story of a boy's stressful life and his way of getting through it all. It's a good book for teens who like inspirational stories.This book deserves four out of five stars. It is a great read and kept me reading, but it has some slow parts in the beginning. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and many other teens would too.

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