House of Night Series, Burned by P.C.Cast

September 14, 2010
By Anonymous

House of Night is a series of vampire-based fantasy novels by well-known american author P.C.Cast. It describes the adventures of 16-year old teenager Zoey Redbird who was marked as a vampire and now has to attend special boarding House of Night school.
Each book of the series is catching and worth to be read. Time flies fast while reading them. Every story is unpredictable and has unexpected end. Comparing this book to any other typical vampire story, there is one hundred percent possibility that you will not find anything same here. These novels can be read by adults as well as by teenagers. They teach us about relationships and psychology between younger and elder generations.
The House of Night books describe one of the most problematic aspects of nowadays - religion. Whatever is your religion you know that inside of us there is always a Nyx - our own Goddess and guardian.
Furthermore you can learn much about Native American Cherokee myth and legends. Because exactly they give the beginning of this saga. Moreover, some characters such as evel ones - Kalona and Tsi Sgili, are taken from real Cherokee legends.
What is more, House of Night gives us an opportunity to find common language with people of other religions or just other people, because we all are different.
Talking about the seventh book of the saga - Burned... Zoey`s soul has shattered to the Otherworld due to Kalona's murder of Zoey's human Consort, Heath. For Zoey to get her broken soul complete again, Stark (her vampire-warrior) must find a way to travel to the Otherworld without dying and save his High Priestess. Zoey is trapped in the Otherworld. Her friends are trying to find a way to save her as she slowly starts fading away. Meanwhile, Stevie Rae (Zoey's best friend) is having huge problems. She is trying to hide the existence of Rephaim (the son of Kalona) from the red vampires, and at the same time she seems to be developing feelings for him. Kalona and Stark meet in a dangerous fight, after which Stark dies. When Zoey sees this she realizes that she needs to pull herself together, and she pulls the pieces of her lost soul back together. At the end of the story, Zoey comes back from the other world and brings Stark's soul back to his body in the real world, and Zoey tells Stark that it's all over. She hears Nyx laugh and say that "it's only just begun."
No doubt, House of Night is a long-lasting but not boring and exciting novel which desires to be read and understood.

The author's comments:
I've read all seven books but still can't fight the feeling that it all just begins. Reading this stories is exciting and never seems to be bored. Some dramatic moments make you think of your life and your actions, and where they can lead. I wanted to share my own opinion about these books, that is why wrote this article. Hope you'll like it.

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Miss K said...
on Sep. 15 2010 at 8:51 pm
Oh thank you, =) hah

MommaSam said...
on Sep. 15 2010 at 8:48 pm
Sounds like an interesting series. who knew you could mix entertainment and education into reading. Thanks for the information about the book(s).

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