The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

May 12, 2010
By Elizabeth13 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Elizabeth13 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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What first comes to your mind when you see the cover to the book The Last Song? The first thing that came to my mind, to put out the obvious, was that it would be some type of a book about a song. It could also be about some songwriter or another type of musician. I thought the book The Last Song was very well written and it just made me want to keep reading and never put the book down. A few things I did like about this book is the chapters, characters, and setting.

Chapters are just supposed to be a label on a break between places, conversations or even just good places to stop. Usually people don’t think of chapters as a good part to a book but they really can be sometimes. One of the things about the chapters that were written well was that the author switched the point of view between different characters. It let you get a different look on everything that was going on. I never liked that in other books because they didn’t say whose point of view it was and this author said it as the chapter name. Just by changing characters for the chapters made the book better for me to read. The characters make up a lot of the chapters

When characters are explained well, well most of the time, people want to continue to read more of the book. Characters make up a huge part of the book so it is important that you make them be good. One thing about the characters that I liked was that they described them so well that they were almost in front of me while I was reading the book. When they are described that good that also means that you have a really good author. Characters in a beautiful setting can make up a perfect book.

A gorgeous sunset on a beach could make a perfect place for a setting of a book. The setting is perfectly described in the book on a beach in North Carolina but it was described unbelievably perfect. It was said in so much detail and that is another thing that the makes the author a really great and interesting writer. Not only is the setting explained really amazing in such detail but so is the whole entire book. Setting is just another thing that makes this a well written book. That is the last thing that I thought make The Last Song a good book.

My thought about this book was half wrong because it wasn’t completely about a song. It had some to deal with it but it was more about something else. Everyone may just have to read it for themselves to clearly understand what this book is about. Chapters, characters, setting are just a few simple things that make this a fantastic book. Maybe someone can read it and find more things good about The Last Song. If you really want to know what this book is about you may just have to go and read it yourself like I did.

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