Animal Farm Book Review

April 23, 2010
By Wolfgirl155 BRONZE, Meriden, Connecticut
Wolfgirl155 BRONZE, Meriden, Connecticut
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The green rolling hills of England over 50 years into the past, wind blowing through the grass, small bleating of sheep, and bellowing from cows. All this seems beautiful and serene. But, the truth is scary and bloody. How do you think we get our meat and animal products? Well animals, killed cruelly and painfully for products decide to fight back. When the prize pig, Major has a wonderful dream about animals ruling the world nothing will be the same again at Manor Farm, or is it Animal Farm now? My book review is on Animal Farm, its author is George Orwell. It is an old book that explains the horrors that happen on some farms. It also explains that no matter how good a person or animal may seem, power can make them turn selfish, almost as selfish as humans can be. When you read this book you will learn the perils these animals go through in their journey to independence and how it ends. This book is good for animal lovers who wonder what would happen if the animals took over. I recommend this for older readers. Parts in this book may be sad and upsetting to younger readers and many of the words in this book are older and difficult to understand, unless you are very literate. I liked this book because it seemed real even though it is not. I could imagine that in truth most animals do think like the animals in this story, in the ways of wishing for freedom and to be treated as regular animals, not little fluffy house pets or produce machines.

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I wrote this for school and I put alot of thought into it. It is now a project to post it on this website, so I am doing so. Hope you enjoy this Book Review.

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