April 15, 2010
By sdrtstwsrwstw BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
sdrtstwsrwstw BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
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By Sapphire
Getting hurt is all part of all our lives. Some people get hurt harder than others but others a little softer. A girl by the name of Claireece Precious Jones is just one of those unfortunate people who are hurt mentally, emotionally and physically. But what she discovers is that you can’t choose what you arr given in life. You can’t choose the parent you grow up with. But one thing you can change is yourself

Precious, 17 years old, over 200lbs, and hurt. Claireece precious Jones is not like any other 17 year old girl she is abused by her mother and father in many different ways. Claireece Jones self esteem is far from high she wishes so much for herself. She wishes she was light skinned with long hair and skinnier but she doesn’t realize the beauty she truly has. It wasn’t her fault that she is in the condition she is in it is truly he parents. She spends most of her life wondering why she had to be born and why be born with these parents. Precious will never know why but she is doing something about it she is going to push, Push toward a better future a better life and a better family. She is not going to let the situations she experiences end up ruling her life and ruining her future. This girl is determined to get things right and all she really needed was a little push from a family she discovers after she realizes the true blessings in life.

Push is the kind of book where you can look at someone else’s life and realize how good you have it. Precious makes you think about others in a different perspective. All some people need is a push whether its from a peer or your family and maybe people don’t realize that a push could save someone’s life like it did Precious’s

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squishums95 said...
on Apr. 26 2010 at 8:27 am
I loved the summary/review of this book. i can't wait to read it myself. (:


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