The Drowning Of Stephan Jones MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The work of Bette Greene is famous all over the world. Her first novel, Summer of My German Soldier, is a modern classic. She's written several popular books and has received many awards. The Drowning of Stephan Jones, her new book, was recently published and is sure to be a great success.

This novel portrays a gay couple who move into a homophobic community where they are continually harassed by the town residents, especially a group of teenagers. One, Andy Harris, is the leader, although his girlfriend wants to be kind to the new town residents. She is torn between her infatuation for her new boyfriend and the morals her mother taught her about equality. When the verbal abuse turns to violence, one of the gay men is murdered and Andy's girlfriend must decide whether to prosecute her friends in court, or to stand in the background while the murderers escape justice.

The Drowning of Stephan Jones is a very emotional portrayal of the prejudices against the gay community. The author presents both sides of a sensitive and controversial issue and allows the reader to think and draw his or her own conclusions. This novel is thought-provoking and very informative. I highly recommend it for everyone. n

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