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   Are you tired of whimsical, fictitious books? Are you tired of all these characters being so perfect? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, Ghost Girl is the book for you.

The author, Torey Hayden, teaches emotionally disturbed children. This story is a real account of her students. Ghost Girl is about one of her students and how she becomes involved in sexual abuse and a satanic cult case. Torey suspects that her student, Jadie, and her sisters are being sexually abused by their parents who are part of a satanic cult. Some people might say that by a teacher getting involved she is making it much worse, but in this case, that is not true. Torey basically saves Jadie and her two younger sisters' lives by getting involved and she should be commended for it.

This book is impossible to put down. The way Hayden writes keeps you glued to the book. With every chapter, the story gets more involved and more complex. It is very fast and excellent reading. Some places get graphic and highly detailed, so if you are squeamish, stay away! But if you think that you can handle it, this book is definitely worth picking up. I highly recommend this book to anyone. .

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