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   Jane Eyre is the kind of book that's great to read on rainy days. It's a romance novel with a hint of mystery and suspense. Set in England in the 1800s, Bronte brings a chill down your spine with the gloomy and melancholy background of Thornfield Hall. With such bewildering characters as Mr. Rochester and Grace Poole, she is able to add a cloud of fear and anticipation to the romantic aspirations of her readers.

This love story is intense. Although there are no intimate love scenes, the attraction between Jane and Mr. Rochester is evident. From the moment she meets him on the hill at sunset, the story develops into the most interesting love story ever written.

Jane is hard not to like, or to relate to, because she symbolizes the hope and desire for happiness in all of us. She is somewhat like a Cinderella, orphaned at a young age and left under the care of a jealous aunt, who raises her in a cold and unloving nature. However, unlike Cinderella, she does not end up going to the ball and marrying the prince. Instead she ventures out into the world, very much alone and penniless, to search for employment as a governess. She finds herself at Thornfield Hall, a place filled with dark secrets and a sad past. At first she is unsure of her situation, uncomfortable with the melancholy figure of her employer, Edward Rochester. Fortunately, she learns to love Thornfield Hall. This is when the story twists into captivating scenes. Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre slowly fall in love. One of the famous scenes is Jane playing the piano as Mr. Rochester watches her with a passionate stare.

There are conflicts however, as there should be in any good book, that pile up to a breathtaking climax. The ending will shock you as the mysteries are finally revealed. It is up to you to decide whether it is a happy ending or another tragedy. Nevertheless, Jane Eyre is truly a treasured classic and a page-turner that should not be missed. .

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i love this !

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Wow! great review! It really makes me want to read Jane Eyre.


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