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   If you are looking for a few words of wisdom that will change your very outlook on the world, then Sun Tsu's The Art of War is the solution. In this tome of knowledge, Master Sun, the leader of an imperialist faction, explains the finer points of combat. Master Sun does not map out specific plans of attack but conveys the philosophy behind the creation of such plans.

In addition to Master Sun, several other military geniuses such as Li Quart, Meny Shi, Ho Yanxi, Wang Xi, Du Mu, Chen Hao, Jia Lin and Cao Cao comment on this ancient Chinese warfare specialist's words. These quotations, designed for use in confrontations, can be adapted to everyday life.

"Therefore those who win every battle are not really skillful - those who render others' armies helpless without fighting are the best of all." What Master Sun means by this is that those who choose to fight the strongest opponent and win are considered heroes, but those who prevent such opponents from acquiring power are the true heroes.

According to Master Sun, "In ancient times those known as good warriors prevailed when it was easy to prevail." From these two quotations stem the core of Chinese philosophy. In the Chinese way, "if you raise an army and penetrate deeply into your opponent's territory, keeping on the move, blocking the space between the inner stronghold and the outer city walls, cutting off communications between inside and outside, then if the opponent surrenders completely, that is best. If you attack destructively and take a nation by force, that is a lesser accomplishment" - Cao Cao.

This book is a "must read," for after several readings, the true greatness can be seen. When The Art of War is taken for more than its militaristic facade, one can gain the ultimate prize - wisdom!

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