The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

February 10, 2010
By laurynjanee BRONZE, Milo, Maine
laurynjanee BRONZE, Milo, Maine
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The Lovely Bones is a fictional story about a teenage girl who, on her way home from school, walks threw a cornfield to take a shortcut and discovers her neighbor George Harvey built a den in the ground. He leads her underneath the ground and rapes and murders her. He dismembers her body, puts her in a safe, and disposes of her body. The police search the field and only find Susie's hat and know that she was murdered. As time goes on, her dad has a feeling it's their neighbor and tells the police. They never end up finding out it's him until Lindsey and Buckley, Susie's brother and sister are grown up. Even then, they try to charge him but, never do because an icicle falls on his head and kills him. While all this is happening, Susie is in her heaven dealing with her death while she helps her friends and family deal with it too. Over time, the police tell the family that all leads have gone cold and they are closing the case. Their mother has an affair with Len Fenerman, the police officer who was assigned to Susie's case. She ends up moving to California and the father suffers from a heart attack.

I thought The Lovely Bones was a good book for someone to read because it was coming from a girl who was explaining what happened to her and in a way, I could relate to it. The emotions her and her family experienced during the crushial hours of her death were emotions most people have faced before and never fully understand until they do have to face those emotions. It was a big eye opener and I think all students should read this book. I look at things a lot different now.

I would recommend this book to mostly teens and adults. It was a graphic story so younger children might not feel good reading it. The Lovely Bones is a griping and devastating story of Susie Salmon. A young girl who had her life taken away in a flash, only because she was curios about an underground den.

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