Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti

January 15, 2010
By chunkymunchiesss BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
chunkymunchiesss BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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Waiting For You, by Susane Colasanti, tells the story of a high school girl confused by love. Marisa is a high school sophomore and she wants to make this year amazing, but when Nash, an unpopular, shy guy, comes into her life, she's forced to pick between Derek, her current boyfriend, a popular jock, and Nash. From the outside her choice looked extremely easy but when she starts to have feelings for one of them everything gets insanely complicated. Who do you think she'll choose? Smart, geeky, and shy Nash, or popular, good looking, and nice Derek.

If you're into realistic fiction this is the book for you. I am personally picky about books I read but this one definitely caught and kept my attention. Colasanti did a fabulous job expressing the characters feelings and emotions. You almost feel like you're in their head. She also used real life connections to make you feel like you can relate to everything that's happening, Colasanti also made the theme of the book pretty obvious: do what you want to, not what's more popular. This book made me think deeply about my own life, because it dug into my mind.

Waiting For You teaches you about love and shows you how difficult choices can be. I give this book a ten out of ten.

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