Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

December 15, 2009
By courtney17 BRONZE, New Albany, Indiana
courtney17 BRONZE, New Albany, Indiana
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As the fourth book of the Twilight Saga continues, Edward and Bella are love struck. Their bond has continued to grow stronger and stronger throughout the past three stories, that Edward feels he cannot live without Bella. In that sense, Edward proposes to the teenager of whom he has looked for forever.

The story of the Cullens may catch you off guard. Not your typical vampires, no. “Vegetarians” as they call themselves, feasting only off animal blood, not humans. Almost condescending, you would think. Calling the Cullens vampires is an understatement. Though they are mystifying creatures, they don’t lack in charm, grace, and beauty; all of which Bella wished to belong since the first day she spoke to Edward. So when Edward proposes the “deal,” of course referring to changing Bella into an immortal creature once she has married him, she accepts. He is now hers forever… Or not.

A honeymoon gone wrong. These are the four words I would use to describe the fate brought upon newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. A trip to Esme Isle finds themselves for a loss of words. A vampire baby? Could such a thing exist… half human, half immortal?

A baby so strong, it breaks Bella’s ribs when it kicks. Edward wants to abort the baby. He loves Bella much more than the tiny monster destroying her. But as we all know, Edward and Bella only agree on one thing, that they love each other. So, of course Bella continues on with the pregnancy that may very well end her life. She longs to see the beautiful baby that she has dreamt about, but would this child give her the chance to live through it all?

With Jacob back in the picture, Bella will never go unprotected, or unloved. Scary enough as the pregnancy is, Jacob imprints on the child, unwilling to leave the baby’s side. Although, Bella is furious with him at first, she doesn’t know that Jacob’s imprinting may save her daughter’s life.

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