The Shack by Wm. Paul Young

December 15, 2009
By HaileyW. BRONZE, New Albany, Indiana
HaileyW. BRONZE, New Albany, Indiana
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The book The Shack by Wm. Paul Young is a great journey and a well written story, There is over 5 million copies in print. The tragedy this man experiences is crazy, I often found it confusing and it really made me think a lot.

The main character Mack is overwhelmed but The Great Saddens. His daughter went missing a few years ago in the Oregon National Reserves. Four years later he received a letter from “Papa” inviting him back to the shack. The same shack they found his daughters bloody red dress. To find out if Mack decides to go back to the shack you need to read the book!

The main idea I got from this story is that you need to keep fighting your pain and never to give up. I really enjoyed the book; it kept me interested through the whole book. I would recommend it to anyone.

The Shack isn’t really a fairytale, but there are a few characteristics that make it a fantasy. First the old shack turns into place with beautiful gardens and a lake. Also, there’s a ghostly-like girl that appears in the book.

Overall, The Shack was great and I think Young did a fantastic job of writing the book. To be able to walk with Mack through this journey read, The Shack by Wm. Paul Young.

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