Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris

December 13, 2009
By Lauren McCool BRONZE, New Albany, Indiana
Lauren McCool BRONZE, New Albany, Indiana
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"Once Upon a Marigold"

Have you ever read a book, about a boy, who’s foster parent is a troll named Edric? Well if you have not you should read the book "Once Upon a Marigold". The author is Jean Ferris. Jean Ferris has wrote many books for young adults like high school students.

The book has two main characters. One is Christian he lives in a cave and his foster parent is a troll. The other is Princess Marigold. She lives in a castle and has three sisters who have all married into royalty so she is trying to live up to them. They do have one thing in common which may surprise you. They both have dogs. Christians are Bub and Cate and Marigolds are Flopsy, Mopsy, and Topsy. Christian has a huge crush on Princess Marigold. There is just one big problem you are not supposed to touch a princess because it is considered offensive. You can be beheaded if you hug or touch someone of royalty. Another is that she is a princess looking for a prince and he is a boy that lives in a cave who ran away from his parents.

This book is a fantasy book. It is a fairy tale. The things that make it these two are it has a princess, a troll, kings, queens, and rulers. These things all make it a fantasy book.

The writing style of the book was decent. It was difficult to understand in certain places. The book was funny. The author uses sarcasm to make it funny.

In my opinion, I did like the book. I thought it was funny and I liked did because it had love in it. The only thing I didn’t like was that some spots did not make sense. So all in all it was fairly good.

In conclusion, "Once Upon a Marigold" by Jean Ferris was a fun book to read. I think if you like fantasies or fairy tales that this book would be something you would enjoy. So if you want to see if Christian and Princess Marigold end up together you will have to read and see!

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