Running For "Runner" by Carl Deuker

November 25, 2009
By BigPeterT SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
BigPeterT SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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With suspense filled tone, and 9/11 feel, Runner is a perfectly balanced story with a semi-homeless senior; Chance, and the things he will go through as desperation for a normal life.

Almost finishing his years as a high schooler, Chance is living on a boat with his dad. He gets un-expected visit from a worker from the Marine Shop to tell him that there is a job that is available that can get him tons of cash, but could get him put in jail for the longest of time. As a long distance runner, Chance has to pick up packages for this man and store them. The story describes the work of an unsuspecting terrorist trap that will leave Seattle as its target.

Carl Deuker provides people the inside scoop of a terrorist plot. He allows you to enter into the mind of Chance as he’s wondering if he’s stepping on hot coals. His descriptive writing gives the readers vivid images like a movie while handling the touchy subject of terrorism.

I really couldn’t put this book down with the suspenseful terror that comes with these types of schemes. It shows how in the snap of a finger and when Chance first took that green $100 bill, his life was changed forever. The story will make you think “why” or “how could anyone think of that” and brings you into the making of a deadly tragedy. I loved the book and I’m positive you will too!

Runner is a tremendous story with a great lesson to be learned with reading it. It is a riveting novel that will bring the suspense out of us all.

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