Crypid Hunters by Roland Smith

November 16, 2009
By MoonGirl BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
MoonGirl BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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Cryptid Hunters is a book with adventure and mystery filling every page. As you read this book, you will be immerged in to their story as if you are part of their journey through Congolese Jungle in Africa. In this novel, the biggest conflict is where Grace and Marty fall out of the jet that they were flying in and have to survive in the Congo jungle in Africa. There are many characters that are involved, but there is one character that I like most and her name is Grace. There are many reasons for why I like Grace, one is that she does not easily lose her temper, another is that she uses her talents as a smart student in her life among other things besides school. There are things that I admire about Grace even though she is only a character, but to me she is not just a character but someone who is confident in herself and does not let anyone discourage her from her dreams.

Cryptid Hunters is a favorite book of mine, and I have read this book many times after the first time that I read in fourth grade. If this book had not kept my interest, I would not read it again because I like to read a book that has meaning and interest along with adventure. To me the characters seem real, I was brought into the journey through the characters. I would recommend that you read Cryptid Hunters for the most full filling adventure of your life. Cryptid Hunters is an amazing book, but there is a little detail about the book in the end. If I could change something about Cryptid Hunters, it would be the ending. What I would change about the ending is that it is continued on to the point that it would tell whether the Mokélé-mbembé egg hatched.

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