The Mummies curse by Franklin W. Dixon

November 3, 2009
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The Hardy Boys #13, The Mummies curse
By: Franklin W. Dixon.

I read The Hardy Boys book number 13, The Mummies Curse. Personally, I really like this book because I like mystery books in general. This book shows great examples of suspense and some Cultural perspectives. At many different points in the book people try to steal the map to the tomb of the golden mummy. There are also lots of dangers and rushes in this book that kept me turning the page constantly. Also one of the members of the expedition is Egyptian and shows her thoughts of how the treasure of the mummy should be divided.

One of the most important parts of the book is on page 15, when the boys received their mission in an odd way from their commander, Q. They get their mission when they are walking around the markets in Egypt and a random man hands them a “video game”, witch is really just a tape sent from Q about what they have to do. Their mission is to protect Samantha Chilton, a famous model with the map to the tomb of the golden mummy, from any dangers she might face on her quest to find the tomb. At some points in the story people try to and sometimes succeed in stealing the map. The first attempt is on the boat while traveling to the desert when someone dresses up like a mummy and sneaks into her cabin but doesn't find the map and runs out before he is captured. The next attempt is a partial success because the person who succeeds in stealing the map is killed not far away in an unknown way. The last major suspenseful part of the story is on page 146 at the end of the book. This is when Leila, the Egyptian woman in the group, uses the map she drew on her body to guide her and the boys to the tomb. It turns that Theo from the camera crew traps them and goes into the tomb, but gets caught by another undercover detective in their group that even the boys didn't know about.

This book also gives some cultural perspective from Leila. Leila is the assistant of Dr. Mounir. She thinks that the treasure should belong to the Egyptian people because it was theirs in the first place. She openly expresses her opinion to the rest of the group, even know they reject her idea every time. This also shows how stubborn some Americans can be. At the end the treasure does end up going to the Egyptian people after Theo is caught.

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King of Kings said...
Aug. 10, 2013 at 5:12 am
Guys I am impressed by this book and also by this book review. I like this book so much. Thanks to the website one of my projects on book review is complete. THANK YOU!
mrtesyhgqasc replied...
Jul. 1, 2014 at 8:52 am
awesome book and review
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