Ravenor by Dan Abnett

October 22, 2009
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Gideon and his team are chasing the source of a strange new psychic substance known as Flects. This leads them into the dangerous territory of Lucky Space were nobody can be trusted…

Ravenor is the first in a series of three books all based around Ravenor and his team. Ravenor is written by Dan Abnett, author of many titles including Malus Darkblade, Eisenhorn (pre Ravenor) and the Gaunts Ghosts series.

Gideon Ravenor is an Imperial Inquisitor of the Ordo Hellican. He is an old man, crippled by the fires of Chaos, forcing him to spend the rest of his days within a silver metal support chair, his potent mind the only thing left alive. Ravener is accompanied by his elite team consisting of; Kara Swole, an ex aerial acrobat; Patience Kys, a potent Telecine; Harlon Nayl, a semi-cybernetic ex-bounty hunter; Wystan Fruka, an untouchable blocker; his Interrogator Carl Thonius and later Zeal Evernetti, a dormant mirror psyker and farseer whose powers are trigger by his use of Flects.

Ravenor and his team have been sent to Etuis Major by his superiors of the Ordo Hellican to find the source of Flects and cut it off. After seeking their first major lead they come across Zeal, who is taken with them for his dormant Psychic abilities. Ravenor discovers the source of the Flects is some were in Lucky Space, leading them to an Agriworld and then into deep space were a deadly trap waits, though Ravenor escapes and they return to Etuis Major were the true scale of events becomes apparent and that Ravenor’s arch nemesis is at the centre of it all.

Ravenor is written in both the first and third persons depending on the focus of the story and jumps between the two often, giving the story an interesting feel. Fans of Dan Abnett, Black Library or futuristic sci-fi would likely enjoy this book.

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