Go Ask Alice by anonymous

September 18, 2009
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Go Ask Alice is the amazing book of an anonymous diary of a 15 year old girl. I strongly encourage people to read this book which teaches you about the outside world and the consequences of using drugs. At first, the narrator is a typical teenage girl who just wants to fit in with the crowd and not be considered the odd one. Later on in the book, she gets invited to one of the “cool” parties where she gets involved in hard core drugs. The book is said to be the actual diary of this narrator. Alice is not the main character's name; the diarist's name is never mentioned throughout the book.

Throughout my life I have heard various incidents of teenagers with drug problems. However, my knowledge on teenage drugs use has blossomed tremendously after reading this book. You go with the girl everywhere she goes, on her highs and lows, her “good trips” and “bad trips” you're with her every step of the way. Even though this book was published in the early 70's it still relates to teenagers in today's world. Drugs played a major role in the 70's and sadly, it still does today. Not only does this book show the consequences people go through from using drugs but it also shows how addicting they are and how careful you have to be not to get yourself sucked into that horrible life. There are many stories similar to this one, I strongly encourage you to pick Go Ask Alice over the other books because it's a true story and now something an author made up on the spot. Rather than it being just a lecture and a make-believe story like most books, the narrator's sending you a message. I feel through all her problems, she is trying to tell people not to get into drugs. It's a life lesson to some and to others, something they can relate to.

Hopefully, you have been convinced enough to read this book because this had to be one of the best books I have ever read. You will have to plunge yourself into the book to find out what else occurs in the narrator's life. I strongly encourage people to read this book you will gain a lot of knowledge and hopefully make the right decision and not go through the path in life she went through.

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