June 6, 2009
By Anonymous

By: Rachel Vail

Lucky is one of my most favorite books that I have ever read. This is a book about a girl named Phoebe. She thinks that she has great friends, popularity, and good money and she doesn’t have to worry about anything. So she is going to have a graduation party for her 8th grade and she wants to invite everybody in her whole entire grade. And she is going to share the bill for the whole party with her four best friends Ann, Kirstyn, Gabrielle, and Zhara.

But when Phoebe’s mom gets “let go” or fired from her job, everything seems to go wrong. She can’t afford her perfect dress, which Kirstyn ended up buying, she has to cancel her graduation party, and her so called best friends are ignoring her. But one thing went right, Luke, her ex-boyfriend liked her again and she thought she liked him too. So then Luke invited Phoebe to plant plants with him Memorial Day weekend. Then Gabrielle invited Phoebe to her house the same exact day. So she ended up choosing her friends over Luke so he got mad at her.

So then Gabrielle canceled on Phoebe and now she is doing nothing for Memorial Day weekend. Phoebe also has a lot of courage in this book which you will read about, for example her graduation speech. This book kind of connects to me because they talk about popularity, middle school life, and clicks. And since I am in middle school I understand this book really well. Especially at my school we have popular people and clicks and there is also people that have more money than other people. Just like in this book how Phoebe can’t afford stuff.

At the end of this book something happened that I didn’t expect which I loved. The author also kept suspense in this book which made me wish it would never end. So if you want to see what happens in Phoebe’s middle school life and what happens with her friend and her maybe true love. You should read Lucky, you’ll love it!

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