May 28, 2009
By Heather Herring BRONZE, Gastonia, North Carolina
Heather Herring BRONZE, Gastonia, North Carolina
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Melinda Sordino must enter high school as the party crasher and outcast. Melinda always wants to find somewhere quiet and safe so she can forget about the horrible summer party. Only coming to find that it is better to speak the truth then to hold it all in. Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson, is an exceedingly well written novel full of sarcasm, wit, and courage. Anderson’s unique writing style draws the reader in from start to finish. One of my favorite quote is, “He curses and turns, his fist coming, coming. An explosion in my head and blood in my mouth.” This scene in the book is intense and extremely vivid. This quote gives the reader a clue of what is about to happen without giving it away. Also, this is a part of Anderson’s unique writing style that keeps the reader interested. However, some scenes in the book are in greater detail and make the reader feel as though they are the main character. This book is an awesome read for high school students due to it depicts the struggles of high school exceedingly well. Anyone entering or in high school can relate to the book on a real life level. The language used by the characters in the book is true to how high school students really talk. Everyone has a hard time adjusting to high school and talking about horrible events in life. Speak teaches the reader it is okay to speak out about things instead of holding it all in because by not saying anything someone else can get hurt.

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