Letter To Leslie Burke, from Bridge To Terabithia

May 18, 2009
Dear Leslie Burke,
I have to say something sad. I do not really know how to say it so I will say it right now. I cannot be king of Terabithia, because I am afraid of crossing the creek. I did it before because I did not want to disappoint you. I do not want to be a king who can even cross a creek to get to his kingdom. Who has ever heard of that? I really feel ashamed of this. Nevertheless, what can I do? I am stupid I know that but I cannot deal with it anymore. Swinging across the creek, going near the creek when it is over flowing is just scaring for me. I know you think I am an idiot and a chicken. I do to want to face my fears but I cannot. I am not a brave, adventurous, and courageous person like you. I wish I can face my fears and act like a man I am supposed to be like. I wish I could cross that creek without being afraid. Moreover, when I cross that creek I am going to be the happiest person I in this universe. However, temporarily there is only a queen that rules Terabithia now. But soon the king will return, but in until that day I leave all of my power to the one and only my queen. O queen, you have all of the power in Terabithia, I want you to spend it wisely, and my precious Terabithia unharmed.


Jess Aarons

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