May 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Book Review OutlineBook title and author: Wrestling  by Thomas Ryan, and Julie SampsonTitle of review: Wrestling Number of stars (1 to 5): 4Introduction This book is about wrestling basic moves and about grappling, and takedowns all sorts of moves the two authors of this book are Thomas Ryan, Julie Sampson. The purpose of the review is to show you that this book is a good book to read and learn how to wrestle.Description and summary of main pointsMy book is very interesting it got me thinking about wrestling. The book covers the back ground steps and moves Fireman carry and headlocks. The book talks about the way your parents are suppose to support you even lose the match and type of equipment that your supposed to have.   EvaluationThe book got lots of details and achievements they got goals. This book would have some thoughts in your head about succeeding in life. This book has lots good details about life. The book talks about how the coach needs to support you and help you.ConclusionThe book is about wrestling and I recommend that somebody read. The book has good details and lots of a achievements. This book has you succeeding in life. It has you wanting to try out for the wrestling team. Your final review

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