A Night to Remember by Walter Lord

May 15, 2009
By Anonymous

A Night to Remember by: Walter Lord
Great book about the Titanic!
Number of stars: 4
A Night To Remember is a nonfiction book written about the final hours before the Titanic’s fatal crash in 1955. Walter Lord, the author of this book, interviewed more than sixty survivors. By doing this he was able to recreate how everybody reacted to this horrifying incident. National Philback wrote an introduction for the book’s fifteenth anniversary. The book contains 159 pages and has ten chapters. It also has a complete passenger list and a map of the Titanic.

The way that the crash is described on many accounts provides a great sense of imagery. The book’s main points are all on how the crash happened. It also tells the details of what passengers thought were like “the San Francisco Earthquake” while others said “it was someone tearing a long, long strip of calico. These descriptions were of the deathly crash.

In my opinion this book was very well written. The author, Walter Lord, wrote this book in a story like form. When reading the book you felt like you were actually aboard the Titanic during the crash! He mentioned many points and details though out the book. Also, there were many facts about the passenger. At some points in the book I felt like I knew a couple of the passengers!

One thing in the book that I thought was interesting was the mentioning of reporter Clarence Moore. Before riding on the Titanic Mr. Moore had an interview with Anise Hatfield, who was part of the famous Hatfield – McCoy feud. Before reading this I didn’t realize they were in the same time frame.

Over all I think it is a fantastic book. The description about the Titanic was down to every little detail. It made me laugh and feel almost like crying at some points. It honestly makes me want to go back in time and talk to the survivors myself! I would give this book four stars. Although it was a great book there is always room for the author to improve it. I encourage any one interested in learning about the Titanic to read this book.

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