Treasures in the Earth by Edward F. Fitzhugh, Jr.

May 15, 2009
By Krista Loveglove BRONZE, Elkiew, West Virginia
Krista Loveglove BRONZE, Elkiew, West Virginia
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Book title and author: The Treasures in the Earth by: Edward F. Fitzhugh, Jr.
Title of review: A Review on Rocks and Treasures
Number of stars (1 to 5): * * * *

In this book, the author tries to inform his readers about the history and facts of different minerals and treasures found in the earth. This book is a little out dated, so the accuracy is less then perfect. This book is for people who are interested in the history of rocks and treasures. The text is very informative because the author wants you to become more interested in mining geology.

Description and summary of main points
It is hard to summarize this book without re-writing it, but I will try. One of the topics includes molten magma. He later explains about magma, how it turns into iron ore, and the different families and such.

The book was pretty well written. It was oozing with details on every little thing. Though it seems like it would be a good book, I really didn’t enjoy it. At some times it felt like I was reading a text book. I guess I am just used to my fiction reads.

If I had the choice, I don’t think I would read it again. But who knows, you may like it. If I ever make it on Jeopardy, I will know a lot about the treasures of the earth.

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