May 15, 2009
By laurtotheen BRONZE, Charleston, West Virginia
laurtotheen BRONZE, Charleston, West Virginia
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The book Canada by Kevin Law is a very interesting book. It explains everything about Canada’s history including the timelines of important events that occurred, early history, and religions. It also told about Canada’s government and settlers. The whole plot of the book discusses everything about the beautiful country, Canada.

Description and summary of main points
The main points in this book were the history and the geography of Canada. I think that the author’s purpose of the book could either be to persuade a person to visit Canada or to inform a person about the history and geography of Canada. Canada gives you many precise details about the country; it makes you feel like you were actually there in the country by using actual pictures and giving you descriptions that make you feel as if you’re in Canada.

My evaluation of the book would be that I enjoyed how it gave you very precise details about the country. The purpose of my review is to hopefully persuade you to read Canada because most people that like to travel like to learn about countries that they’re going to, or if they plan on visiting a place in the world Canada would be a good choice because the book tells you about the past and the present.

In conclusion, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading as much as I do, because it gives you the most amazing details about the country. I’ve always liked Canada because of the cold weather but in this book I learned that not every it’s not always cold. I’m glad I read this book and learned everything I wanted to learn about Canada plus much more.

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