Quote from Macbeth

April 16, 2009
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From the words of Macbeth “Whats done is done” poses more questions than what it offers. “Whats done is done” compares to more enigmatic subjects than humanly possible. For particular instance, a comparison to the laws of time & space. Meaning that time & space really have no end & nothing is ever done. It may stop or cease, but it will always continue later on. The quote is irrelevant to society. It defines no specific event that supposed to be done. It may say “Whats done is done” but does that really mean everything that comes to an end is done. Then what sets the scene for “Whats done is done”. Being from an origin of a play, it might stand to reason that it symbolizes a conquered problem that Mr. Macbeth surpassed. I behold to you the general public the real answer to the equation. If broken down “Whats done is done” means your past & any actions that formed within it “is done”. Meaning it can't be changed, ever no matter what the outcome was. Just focus on your future & make the changes before it becomes your past. Another comparison would be from a wise old tortoise. “Yesterday is history, tomarrow is a mystery, & today is a gift…that is why it is called the present”. Taking all of these contradictory ideas into consideration, “Whats done is done”.

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