Love, StarGirl

April 28, 2009
By Girl_In_Blue GOLD, Chanhassen, Minnesota
Girl_In_Blue GOLD, Chanhassen, Minnesota
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Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli is about a home-schooled girl named Susan Caraway. Susan names herself “Stargirl” and her parents, surprisingly, are okay with it. Stargirl is free and open to the world. She is not afraid to talk to strangers and befriend them. In the first book, called Stargirl, Stargirl lives in Arizona and decides to try regular high schooling at Mica High. At the high school, everyone thinks she’s weird. Stargirl joins cheerleading and becomes popular. Then she falls in love with a boy named Leo. Leo likes her also and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Happily ever after, right? Think again. Stargirl makes one mistake and the whole school turns against her. Leo follows the crowd and dumps Stargirl. When Leo realizes how wrong his actions were, he was too late. Stargirl and her parents had already packed and left the state, which is where Love, Stargirl begins. The book, written as one long letter to Leo, journals how Stargirl learns to be happy with who she is, where she is, even if it’s without Leo.
“Jan. 1st
Dear Leo,
I love beginnings…And what
better way to celebrate
this New Year’s Day than to
begin writing a letter to
my once (and future?)
boyfriend.” (Love, StarGirl)

Stargirl had moved to Pennsylvania where she meets a cast of interesting characters: Dootsie, a peppy 5-year-old; Betty Lou, a woman who hasn’t left her house for nine years; Arnold, who has lost himself; Perry Delloplane; a cute thief; Alvina, a “hot-tempered” tomboy that’s girly at heart; and Charlie who sits by a grave all day, mourning his beloved Grace. These and many more people help Stargirl realize she must live, even if Leo isn’t by her side. Read the book to find out if she ever meets with “Starboy”, Leo, again!

I recommend this book to girls from 6th grade to college age. It’s my favorite of Jerry Spinelli’s works. Just be sure to read Stargirl before you read Love, Stargirl.

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