Review of "A Letter To My Acne"

March 29, 2018
By Jakeypoo24 BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Jakeypoo24 BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled “A letter to My Acne,” written by Yenetiker Alamerew, talks about how acne made her like miserable. Her writing left me felling bad for her and sad. I agree with what she is saying for the most part through out the article. I can relate I some ways, I get a little acne on my face sometimes, which is really annoying. I don’t think I could ever understand the pain this person went through because I never get that bad of acne. I was surprised by the way she introduced herself, how things were already hard for he, like when she said, “I was the black music nerd with frizzy hair, glasses, and braces.” No I don’t see myself or others having this bad of an issue, she has it so bad she said, “My skin was no longer mine.” It is well written, it actually kept me reading. There really wasn’t an argument through out the article.

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