Story Plan Pub Sub#3

March 19, 2009
By Anonymous

My story starts out in Australia. One day a teenage girl named Sydney goes to the beach by herself. She has had a very hard week with the stress of her friends, and of course her parents. So she goes to the beach to relax. She then doesn’t realize that there has been suspicious activity reported in the waters for a long time now. But when she gets hot from sitting out in the sun to long and decides to take a dip in the water. She swims and swims and doesn’t realize that she’s gone too far… suddenly things start to happen. Sydney then starts to realize that she is under water… not breathing. She struggles to swim to the surface but can’t get out of the tight grip tugging hard at her leg…

A long time later, she wakes up on the beach. Sydney was very confused about how she got there considering she only remembers dying under water by some crazy creature. She figures she is probably dead. After lying on the beach still confused, she gets up. She then goes home, still confused about what happened at the beach. But that night when she was home alone, she realizes that there is someone new in her house…

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