We Need Less Homework

February 8, 2018
By josiahdavila BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
josiahdavila BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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(We need less homework) “We Need Less Homework” by Aidan Robinson made me feel like I could relate and understand where he is coming from. I agree with the author of this writing because while I believe that homework is necessary and can help improve grades and overall test scores.  I also believe that students should not be bombarded with homework.  At times I can positively say that and my fellow students i have at times felt overwhelmed with the amount of homework we may get in a day. In the writing the author says, “The average American high school student does 3.5 hours of homework every weeknight. This translates into 17.5 hours of homework a week and into 630 hours in a year.” Another problem I saw when I read this was that the author said, “A reported 76.3 percent of students feel anxiety before taking a test.” I feel that homework should be done in school with more time to work on it. This would allow for more student and teacher interaction if a student were to get stuck or to have issues on a problem. Time outside of school should be spent with family or spent pursuing your or interest or hobbies. Instead some students spend 2-3 hours a night working on homework.

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