My Experience At Fiesta De Reyes

February 5, 2018
By riley.c BRONZE, Turner, Maine
riley.c BRONZE, Turner, Maine
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Restaurant reviews are often overflowing with exquisite words and vibrant restaurants. That is going to change right now! I decided to pick a restaurant in San Francisco, California in a city of what some people consider Old Town. This restaurant is called Fiesta De Reyes, it is a mom and pops type of restaurant with a Mexican style twist. Everything is homemade and scrumptious, as a matter of fact, I bet you won’t walk out of there with an empty tummy! You might ask why wouldn’t you want to do a more proper restaurant? Well, I wanted to do something that no one has heard of before. Something that people would actually consider flying out to California to go to this restaurant.
        Background information on Fiesta De Reyes
    Old town is an old fashion styled Mexican marketplace with many restaurants included in it. Likewise, Fiesta de Reyes is owned by old town family hospitality corporation and the C.E.O. is Chuck Ross. Fiesta De Reyes started off as a locally owned business, and now has grown to a chain restaurant. That includes 19 distinct restaurants and a 10-room boutique hotel, but I will only be reviewing the restaurant. The Fiesta De Reyes that I visited was managed by Barra Barra and Casa De Reyes. So Obviously all the workers at this restaurant have some kind of Spanish roots. Which in my opinion makes the restaurant seem more professional to tourist and other visitors like me.   
            Some of Fiesta De Reyes Specials + Other foods
So overall Fiesta De Reyes has a vast selection when it comes to food they have: appetizers, desserts, breakfast, lunch, dinner, kids menu, soft beverages, alcoholic beverages, etc… these are just some of the favorites suggested by my waiter!
Mar Terra- aged grilled steak and crab stuffed wrapped around bacon. With a side of spinach rice, and pico de gallo $19.50

Homemade Vanilla Cream Churros- vanilla infused churros served hot with a creamy chocolate dip. $6.99
Hot tamales- pork in tomatillo, or chicken in salsa roja, or beef in salsa Roja $15.00.

Homemade corn tortilla chips with guacamole- fresh avocado, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, and lime served with fresh corn tortilla chips. $5.99

Little amigos quesadillas- (small proportions for children) create your own quesadillas! Chicken, pork, beef, refried beans, regular beans, cheese, and many more! $10.00

Horchata- an iced milky drink with rice milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg. $3.00
          The atmosphere and Entertainment of both Fiesta De Reyes and old town are very similar. It almost like everyone is one big family there, and everyone is welcome. At Fiesta De Reyes all of your waiters are dressed in long traditional Spanish dresses. The men are in lavish black pants and shirts with colorful vest layered on top. Which makes the experience a bit more personal. Fiesta De Reyes opens at 8am-9pm seven days of the week. Which makes it more convenient, and easy to rely on when it comes to eating out. In the afternoon Across from the restaurant, there is a stage where there is often bands or dancers performing. When I took a trip to Fiesta De Reyes There was a band playing, people were dance ages from 5-70 years old. On that note, Fiesta De Reyes is definitely a kid-friendly place to eat or even just listen to their live shows. Old town also has lots of stores and fun little shops. One of my sister and I’s favorite shops was the cousin's candy shops, it had plenty of sweets to fix your sweet tooth!  
              My experience at Fiesta De Reyes
    December 11, 2017, I visited Old town and had a chance to have lunch at one of my favorite places to eat...Fiesta De Reyes. It was a warm afternoon and my family and I were seated at an outdoor table in the corner of the restaurant. The tables and chairs were covered in colorful designs. We also had enjoyed a fountain right in front of us. Looking at the menu was a bit discouraging. There was no way that I could have read one thing on it. Not because there were exquisite words it was because it was in Spanish! With a little help from google, I managed to figure out what I was going to eat. The service at Fiesta De Reyes was very quick and our waitress was named Layla. Layla said to me, “My job is fun, and it is very enjoyable to be around all these happy people.” I ordered chicken tamales and let me just say it was no margaritas food! Fiesta De Reyes is an all homemade family build business were margaritas are more American known meals. As I was saying I had no complaints about this restaurant. Although they should put some English on the menu! Also, make sure the entrance is all swept up and neat because when I went it was a bit dirty at the entrance. Which could drive away customers!
                  So overall I rate Fiesta De Reyes an 8.5/10! Some of the pro’s of this restaurant are that it has amazing food, great entertainment, and a great place for all ages to eat! Some cons of this restaurant are some poor housekeeping in the lobby of this restaurant, and you couldn’t read any of the choices on the menu. So on those conditions, I would recommend this restaurant to anyone in the California region. Let me just say my experience at Fiesta De Reyes is a memory that I will always keep close to my heart!

The author's comments:

My piece is filled with facts and my opionion/experence at Fiesta De Reyes. Fiesta De Reyes is a mexican style restaurant located in old town san francisco california.

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