Is the iPhone X worth it?

January 19, 2018
By AryaMaz BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
AryaMaz BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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After about a month after it’s release, the newest and possibly the best product from Apple has seen many fantastic reviews and features as well as critically harsh reviews. The new phone, being on the tip of everyone’s tongue, makes the iPhone X more controversial than the missing headphone jack of the previous releases. However, how has this phone turned out and is it worth your money? Well, let’s find an answer!
One very clear change to this new design is the lack of a home button. As devastating as it might seem, the swiping feature is claimed to be as easy to use or even easier than the home button. On the contrary, Touch ID, a very useful and secure form of security tracing back from the iPhone 5, cannot be used, as there is no fingerprint scanner as the home button has been removed. However, that was replaced with Face ID, which has been seen on some Samsung devices before the iPhone introduced it.
Aside from Face ID, one key feature that the iPhone X introduced was swiping commands to perform certain actions such as swiping up to go home, swiping up and to the right to close apps, etc. It is said to be easier and more efficient than pressing the home button since using the phone is basically swiping and tapping, however, if the screen ever becomes laggy or unresponsive, it’s helpful to have an external button to have your back. This could apply to MacBook keyboards. Back in the day, the power button was separate from the keyboard and was it’s own heavy metal button, which supported the fact that if the keyboard becomes unresponsive, you can still power on and off your laptop. However, there can only be so many swiping combinations so to activate Siri, you hold down the power button. Due to this change, the power button is bigger and more accessible. You can also use the popular “Hey Siri” feature that calls for Siri as “Hey Siri” is spoken into your iPhone. “But how will you be able to shut down your phone if holding down the button gets you to Siri?” Well, since you can’t hold it down anymore, you have to hold down both the power button and either volume button to bring you to the same old “Slide to Power Off” menu along with “Emergency SOS” with the same ‘slide to unlock’ feature. Also, if you tap both buttons simultaneously instead of holding them down, it takes a screenshot.
As the newest phones compete, more phones get released with each being better than the previous. No phone, however, is better than another because each have their perks as well as their burdens. Comparing phones is very similar to comparing computers. As some parts are compatible with others, the only way to get the perfect computer is to make it in a way that you would like it to be. However, it’s not really possible to customize a phone and get it made to your preference. Getting a phone is like getting a car or a house in which the house has to look nice, be in a nice location/neighborhood, and be able to fit all of your furniture. It is an investment if you want the top of the line phone in which there is a variety of to choose from. Yet for older people or younger kids, a simple phone that is able to call works perfectly fine. Although this may be true, almost anyone who has a smartphone uses it for more than just calling and texting. It can be used to send emails, watch videos, check on social media, playing games, and way more.
As technology grows, we as people have to adapt to that lifestyle. In roughly more than 100 years, everyone would have been born after the beginning of the 21st century meaning that technology is everything they know and were born with. The iPhone X is the open door to the future. Overall, the iPhone X is a fantastic phone if you can manage to pay the price. If one feels that it is too expensive, the iPhone 8 is perfectly fine to get instead for someone who has had their old iPhone 5 or 4 for a while. Maybe a jump right to the X isn’t necessary so the 8 or even the 7 is perfect. The X is for one who either has an upgrade eligible for their phone or is willing to pay the hefty price. In the end, it’s your choice whether you want to upgrade or not. And if you feel like you’re missing out on the new phone, Apple will most likely be releasing a plus sized iPhone X which may be more expensive but with an upgrade, the cost will be cut by a lot.

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