"How to Become Your Best Self"

October 24, 2017
By Alison03 BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
Alison03 BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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The writing titled “How to Become Your Best Self,” written by Shanelle Fernando, talks about how students think that they are their best self. Her writing left me feeling shocked. Students like to think that they are the best that they can be. This is not always true because they are not fully developed mentally. Students are still growing and will take time till they are fully their best self.  She wrote, “Becoming one’s best self can’t be measured by attaining a certain goal at one moment in time.” Students just have to learn from now and here on out. School in general may not teach them how to be their best self. The people that they hang out with can make an impact on how they act.  She also wrote, “I’m reminded that one way to be your best self is to help others.” Sometimes other people can also help when finding your best self.

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