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October 26, 2017
By joejaeger BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
joejaeger BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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The IPhone X is the new and revolutionary for Apple. A 5.8 inch screen bigger than any other IPhone in existence, but not bigger than any smart phone. They say it has the most durable glass ever made for apple and its water resistant. People thought the IPhone 7 was going to be the best IPhone because of the all new camera and display. The IPhone 7 plus was the first IPhone that had the two cameras on it but now the X is going to have that, but in a new form it is vertical instead of horizontal.

Many people think the $1,000 price tag is way too much just for a phone and I agree but with all the new advancements and technology that they are putting into this thing it is going to be great. Instead of having to click the home button everytime you want to get out of an app you now just simply slide up from the bottom and you’re good. The coolest thing is that when you're too lazy to type in your password just put to the camera to your face and it will log in for you. Apple came out with face recognition which mean you take a picture of your face and whenever you want to log in you put the camera to your face and the phone scans and logs in if it is the face you programed it to see.

There are so many new things added to this phone that people don’t even know. Apple is in their labs doing experiments to see what works best with what. Taking selfies is the thing that people do most on their phones and Apple took that into consideration by making different filters to create more light in camera for better pictures. There are different modes on it so you can blur the background and have have your face crystal clear or opposite that blurs the close image and makes the background very clear. Also the screen is a OLED screen that has a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio for extremely good graphics while on apps and the home screen. When Apple was thinking how to make new things for the X, they thought about the charging and that’s exactly what they did. For the first time, they created wireless charging for the iPhone. You can just place the back of the phone on a little pad and it will charge. The only bad thing about that is when you want to use it, you have to take if off charge and place it back on the charger when you're done using it. Like what was said before the camera could also make payments for you if you forgot your password or you just don’t want to login you can just put the camera to your face and it will buy the product that you wanted.

Emojis, everyone uses them to express thank or just to have fun. Now on the new X they came out with animoji and what that does is the camera records your face and can make any of your movements into an animal emoji (animoji) and it will copy all of your facial movements. The dual back camera have things called optical image stabilization which makes for great pictures even when it is dark out. After you have taken a photo or video you can now zoom in 10x on a photo and on a video you can zoom 6x. The new chip they have put in the Iphone X is called the A11 and it is the smartest and most powerful chip in any smartphone today. It is capable to make up to 600 billion operations a second. The new CPU is able to do things 70% faster than the A10 the old one. The battery that Apple put in the Iphone X lasts up to two hours longer than the seven but it depends what you do on your phone and how long you use it for. Also the screen and display with the new graphics make games you play look real. Since the X allows you to charge on a little pod if you have an Apple Watch you could be able to charge them at the same time along with other Apple products that are able to charge like that. If you owe your friends or co-workers money Apple implemented a new feature that you could pay people through iMessage. You can go into the apps on the bottom of the screen and click Apple Pay and give the money to them right from Apple pay. A box will appear where it would appear normally when you send a text message but it will have a dollar amount.

Although there are a lot of cool things about this phone, there’s also features that are not so good. Like what was said before the X has the most durable glass but now the back of the phone is glass and there won’t be that other material on it. So say you're walking down the street and drop your phone and it lands on the backside you would probably say thank God it didn’t land on the screen, but no. Since the back is now glass, that could crack too so you have to be very careful in how you place your phone and try not to drop it. Another feature that people might not like is that when they made the big screen and took out the home button so you won't be able to use touch id anymore. People say that why they came out with facial recognition but what if it is dark in the room and the camera can’t pick you out from the dark. The thumbprint is always good to have. With the new phone and its new technology Applecare is now $199 instead of the $129 from the old phones. The regular Iphone X will the $999 but the 256gb will be a whopping $1,149 no-one thought it would be that high. All in all if you have the money and would like to upgrade to an awesome phone that could pretty much do anything this is the one for you.

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