March 11, 2009
By Anthony_T BRONZE, Statesville, North Carolina
Anthony_T BRONZE, Statesville, North Carolina
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Many websites out there catch you with flashy gimmicks, or lures of free stuff, but not all websites need that. One site that definitely stand on its own merits is oneword. Oneword is one of my favorite websites and all it has is simple instructions, a go button, and the usual links to the about and store. The whole purpose of oneword is to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe you have a bad case of writers block, try oneword. Perhaps you have some frustration, oneword can help. the premise is surprisingly simple, you are giving one word and sixty seconds and you are to type whatever comes to you, a pleasant little ding will tell you when to start writing. And after you are done and have submitted your musing, you can view what others have posted to the site. As a writer it has helped me be able to be able to write a story from just one word, a task anyone could develop, as well as allowing me to become a more proficient writer.
All in all, oneword is a great site, allowing you to kill, at very least sixty seconds. It was even named yahoo!'s site of the day back in January 24, 2003. And with words that cause everyone to think in a different way, how could it not have been recognized thus. The only downside to oneword is that the word is only updated daily, leaving you wanting more. But despite the small flaw, oneword is a site worthy of praise from all. And I for one give it such praise.

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